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Product Description/Product Specification Total (all fibres) Cotton Cotton Silk Blend Silk Wool Silk Wool Blend Others

Location Weaving/ Designing Dyeing Facility for treatment of effluent Stitching/garmenting Testing facility

Year Direct sale in counter Export Sale to Apex Society/Corporation Bulk sale to trader Sale in Exhibitions Others Total

Category Sub-category/ Items
Cotton Saree
Jamdani Tangail Shantipuri Dhaniakhali Begumpuri Bichitrapuri
Bomkai Kotpad Pochampally Venkatgiri Uppada Siddipet
Narayanpet Mangalgiri Chetinad Balarampuram Kasargod Kuthampally
Awadh Jamdani Odisha Single Ikat Madhavaram Polavaram South Cotton Jhakhand Par
Dindigul Vilandai Paramkudi Aruppukottai Mulmul Tangaliya
Silk Saree
Baluchari Muga Assam Khandua Berhampuri Bomkai
Banaras Brocade Tanchoi Banarasi Butidar/Jangla Banarasi Satin Butidar/Jangla Banarasi Cutwork Pochampally Ikat
Pochampally Dharmavaram Kanchipuram Arni Molkalmuru Kollegal
Y N Hosakote Paithani Patan Patola Tussar Ashawali Tirubhubanam
Uppada Jamdani Ilkal Gujarat Single Ikat Gujarat Double Ikat Karvati Tussar Spun Karvati
Mulberry Silk Karvati Salem Covai Gheecha Tussar Eri Narayanpet
Kotakonda Plain Siruvanthandu Ikat Eri Sarangpur Chiffon
Mulberry Eri Tussar Mulberry Gheecha Eri Jamdani
Cotton- Silk Saree
Chanderi Maheswari Kota Doria Ilkal Gadwal Covai Kora
Banarasi Cutwork Koorainadu Cotton Eri Tangaliya
Cotton Dress Material
Odisha Ikat Pochampally Ikat Mangalgiri Jamdani Odisha Tangaliya
Pattu Mangalgiri Shirting Kannur Shirting Cotton Shirting Crepe Plain Cotton
Seer Sucker Cotton Denim Cotton White Denim
Silk Dress Material
Tanchoi Banarasi Cutwork Banarasi Butidar/Jangla Banaras Brocade Odisha Ikat Pochampally Ikat
Pochampally Tussar Fabric Tussar Noil Muga Mekhela Chadar
Eri Silk Chadar Tussar Gheecha Tussar Eri Tussar Ketia Eri Dharmavaram Pavadas
Ashawali Brocade Banarasi Satin Jangla/Butidar Tussar Balkal Tussar Dupion Tussar Spun Dupion
Matka Noil Ketia Banarasi Georgette Cutwork Silk Fabric Silk Shirting Kora Kora Silk Dupion
Matka Matka Ketia Tussar Gheecha Noil Melchathu Vasthram Uttariyyam Vasthram Tussar Nassi
Cotton-Silk Dress Material
Chanderi Maheswari Mashroo Banarasi Cutwork Kota Doria Guledgudd Khana
Pochampally Cotton Tussar Kora Silk Cotton Cotton Gheecha
Kani Kinnori Kullu Tangaliya Kutch Wangkhei Phee
Shaphee Lanphee Cotton Pattu Ketia Silk Gheecha Silk Eri Silk
Balarampuram Chendamangalam Salem Nagercoil Cotton Cotton Dhoti Cotton Linen Dhoti
Home Furnishing
Tussar Ketia Fabric Matka Fabric Matka Noil Fabric Place Mat Rib Mat Bath Mat
Cotton Yoga Mat Yoga Mat with Natural Fibres Runner Furnishing Fabric Rib Furnishing Fabric Pochampally Ikat Furnishing Fabric
Pochampally Silk Cotton Furnishing Fabric Cotton Linen Furnishing Fabric Linen Furnishing Fabric Eri Furnishing Fabric Pattu Chshion Cover Seer Sucker Fabric
Leno Curtain Fabric Cut Shuttle Durry Rugs Towel Cotton Terry Towel Napkin
Woolen Stole Silk Stole Tussar Silk Stole Tussar Dupion Silk Stole Tussar Noil Silk Doria Stole Noil Silk Stole
Ikat Silk Stole Cotton Stole Kutch Stole Kota Doria Stole Pochampally Ikat Cotton Stole Pochampally Ikat Silk Stole
Pochampally Ikat Silk Cotton Stole Tanchoi Silk Stole Tangaliya Cotton Stole Gujarat Single Ikat Silk Stole Tussar Gheecha Stripe Scarf Tussar Silk Dupatta
Cotton Dupatta Cotton Jamdani Dupatta Odisha Ikat Cotton Dupatta Odisha Cotton Dupatta Kotpad Kota Doria Dupatta
Pochampally Ikat Cotton Dupatta Pochampally Ikat Silk Cotton Dupatta Tangaliya Cotton Dupatta Gujarat Single Ikat Silk Dupatta Paithani Dupatta Silk Cotton Dupatta
Risha Chadar/Dupatta Eri Tussar Dupatta
Organic Cotton Saree
Organic Cotton Saree
Organic Cotton Fabric
Natural Dyed Denim Natural Indigo Dyed Denim Natural Dyed Natural Dyed Twill Natural Dyed Dress Material Grey Fabric
Organic Cotton Fabric Organic Cotton Dress Material Yoga Mat Terry Towel Denim Honey Comb Home Furnishing Fabric
Natural Dyed Fabric
Cotton Denim Cotton Plain Cotton Twill Dress Material Linen Dress Material
Cotton Linen Dress Material
Cotton Linen Dress Material Cotton Linen Suiting
Linen Dress Material
Linen Dress Material
Natural Dyed Cotton Linen Fabric
Natural Indigo Dyed Cotton Linen Denim Fabric
Cotton Lungi
Silk Linen Saree
Silk Linen Dress material
Silk Linen Ikat
Tangaliya Cotton Woolen
Garments and Made-ups
Garments Made-ups
Cotton Bed Sheet/Bed Cover
Odisha Ikat Pochampally Ikat Atobi Bed Sheet/Bed Cover
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INR 0.00

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(ii) It is stated that I have engaged no child labour and also stated that the products are environment compliant, as the dyes, which releases the banned amines, are not used in the production process.

(iii) I do hereby undertake that I shall abide by the guidelines of “India Handloom” brand scheme in letter and spirit.

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