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Azadi   Indian Handloom Brand

Refund Policy



1. The application/registration fee paid is only towards the application and does not in any way guarantee issuance of certificate, etc. The application/Registration fee once received/ paid is not refundable even if the application is rejected for any reason.

2. The applicant should go through the detailed guidelines/notification and ensure the eligibility before making payment.

3. When an applicant made double payment by mistake refund can be considered only on bringing it to the notice of Textiles Committee, Mumbai by mail within seven days of making such payment. Any kind of request for refund beyond seven days will not be entertained. The refund process by the same source of payment will be made in such cases will be initiated in three to five working days after receiving the refund request in all eligible cases of refund. This clause applicable only in case of multiple payment by applicant against single application.

4. If due to any reason Textiles Committee decides to refund such amounts will be carried out after deducting processing fee, convenience fee, taxes, etc.

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